Thursday, October 29, 2009


He can bullshit his way out of anything. Though she’s skeptical about his preposterous excuses, she’ll always forgive the Paco Camino Man. Bringing her back to their glory bleacher days (with strong mixed drinks), he’ll casually explain to her that a random roller skating bowling alley waitress innocently lost her bra down inside his pants when she accidentally fell on him serving a tray of drinks last Friday. And the simple explanation for his disappearance until Sunday was that he, uh, was helping a friend move. Also there was no phone service where he was because of a freak, unreported electrical storm that caused a power outage. And as far as the naked woman found living in his car last week goes, "she was merely a disoriented day hiker that wandered away from a nudist colony and needed shelter. That's all." Oh yeah, off the hook again.

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Take It On The Run said...

c'mon baby, it's me. Go ahead...lift up that blanket. you know you want to