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He makes Tony Stark look like Red Green. A mysterious billionaire living life in the fast lane, he’s quite likely the coolest motherfucker on the planet. Expertly styled in a mod tweed suit, bold red & white striped wool shirt and imported Nunn Bush dress shoes, the Paco Camino Man takes a cigarette break from joyriding in his own prototype pace car that runs on seawater. That’s right, bitch. Sea-fucking-water. His awesomeness is no doubt, completely blowing the mind of his hot new personal assistant. In fact, the sexual tension is revved up so high, it’ll conclude tonight when they’re both wrapped naked in his checkered flag silk sheets back at his lavish mansion. The Paco Camino Man. In the bedroom or the boardroom, his whole life is a victory lap.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Decadent Smut: Christina’s Virtue, 1977

When millionairess magazine publisher Christina van Bell sets out in search of a big story, her journey takes her from the Caribbean to South America. Along the way Christina learns that sex can be murder among those who are powerful and wealthy enough to afford it. The sensual virtues that Christina prizes and enjoys so much become the unwitting vices that bring her close to death. Wealthy, sensuous Christina van Bell is enjoying a Caribbean vacation when and old friend, a well-known actress, is murdered. Her pursuit of the hit man draws Christina away from the passionate arms of Cuban revolutionaries into a desperately dangerous love affair.

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