Sunday, May 03, 2009


He’s cooler than you could fucking imagine and collects more pussy than an inner city animal shelter. Luring foxy chicks with his killer Vitalis hair, poisonous lips, rock star Aviators and nut sack accentuating dress slacks, the Paco Camino Man always attracts hot tail at wild backstage parties. Now don’t hate this ladykiller because he’s totally hung & beautiful, but seriously, he makes the average guy look like a street bum with a shrinkage problem. Smoking primo joints rolled with rare ivory tusk papers, the Paco Camino Man can sometimes upset the herd by wearing fur and Ted Nugent endangered underwear (which barely contains his King of the Jungle). Try sucking on that PETA.

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Gary M Photo said...

I guess I'm the type of man who reads Paco Camino... the type of man who takes artistic pictures of a lot of beautiful young women who generally aren't wearing clothes.

Thanks for the comment on my blog! I know you just read it for the articles, right?