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Decadent Smut: Christina's Quest, 1976

ChristinasQuestaElegant millionairess Christina van Bell discovers that her first affair is a mere aperitif to an international banquet of sensual pleasures. The feast is both lavish and lascivious as Christina travels first-class around the world to learn the identity of the most important lover in her life.

Drink and drugs had blurred the identity of Christina's first lover at that chic New York coctail party, but nothing could dim the ecstasy of the sexual experience. Now, years later, obsessed by the memory of that supreme pleasure, Christina is determined to find the one person who had once satisfied her so completely.

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Oh he’s found Nemo all right. Using his deep maritime experience (from taming bearded clams to hunting down and killing a vindictive white whale), he’s now making waves in the oceanography community as the inventor of a gigantic penis pump named the Blowfish. Really now, this guy makes Troy McClure’s fish fetish look all wet. Steve Zissou & Aquaman think he’s a total freak of nature, and Jacques Cousteau must be rolling in his Davey Jones’ locker at the thought of the Paco Camino Man smoking coral reefers and conducting the first ever fish four-way with two sexy scuba assistants.

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