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Decadent Smut: Christina's Escape, 1981

Christinaescape copy NO ONE HAD EVER HELD CHRISTINA CAPTIVE: Never had society’s sexual codes restrained her. Never before had she been imprisoned—even by the limitations of her own flesh. But now, exotic heiress Christina van Bell’s carefree and capricious lifestyle is entangled in a web of kidnapping and ransom that forces her to flee in disguise to the far-flung corners of the earth. Before she can be free again, she must hide in anonymity in the shadows of Mexico and Micronesia, Seoul and Singapore, ever the fearful of a fate over which she has lost control.

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He’s a game player. Using Risk and Stratego, the Paco Camino Man finds Life is a Candyland when you’ve got a Monopoly on Backgammon, Space Marbles and winning over foxy ladies. Scrabbling to set a Mousetrap, er, Booby Trap, in Trivial Pursuit of naked Twister, he’ll Toss Across some Chutes and Ladders with these sexy Mystery Dates. Sorry for the Trouble Parker Brothers, but you’ve got to get a Clue and split, because Yahtzee, this is a one man & three woman Operation. A real Connect Four.