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Decadent Smut: Christina's Escape, 1981

Christinaescape copy NO ONE HAD EVER HELD CHRISTINA CAPTIVE: Never had society’s sexual codes restrained her. Never before had she been imprisoned—even by the limitations of her own flesh. But now, exotic heiress Christina van Bell’s carefree and capricious lifestyle is entangled in a web of kidnapping and ransom that forces her to flee in disguise to the far-flung corners of the earth. Before she can be free again, she must hide in anonymity in the shadows of Mexico and Micronesia, Seoul and Singapore, ever the fearful of a fate over which she has lost control.

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He’s a game player. Using Risk and Stratego, the Paco Camino Man finds Life is a Candyland when you’ve got a Monopoly on Backgammon, Space Marbles and winning over foxy ladies. Scrabbling to set a Mousetrap, er, Booby Trap, in Trivial Pursuit of naked Twister, he’ll Toss Across some Chutes and Ladders with these sexy Mystery Dates. Sorry for the Trouble Parker Brothers, but you’ve got to get a Clue and split, because Yahtzee, this is a one man & three woman Operation. A real Connect Four.

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He’s your boogeyman, turn him on. Hey, he may not have any social skills, but he’s a real cutup with the ladies. Sadly, there may be some deep-seeded stalking issues from stabbing his sister to death on Halloween night in her bedroom 15 years ago. Confined to a sanitarium since the incident, he’s decided to come home for Halloween. So really, is it his fault he stole a car and broke into a hardware store to steal a Shatner mask and some sharp knives? People need those things. His only other faux pas was maybe knifing a few horny teenagers and digging up his sister’s headstone from the cemetery and placing it on a bed with the corpse of a teenage slut. The Paco Camino Man. He can survive any injury, endure terrible film sequel, and put up with imitators like Camp Crystal Lake’s Jason Voorhees and that bum Freddy Krueger from down on Elm Street.

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He's obviously a real crowd pleaser with the ladies at the pool, but in the ring my friend, he’ll break every bone in your body. And that goes fucking double for you Randy “Macho Man” Savage! The stud who body-slammed Andre the Giant in WrestleMania III and effortlessly flung Rocky Balboa into the fifth row in Rocky III, The Hulkster would one day star in one of the greatest films of all time (No Holds Barred) but also in one of the worst (Mr. Nanny). Perhaps still tormented by the shocking loss to The Ultimate Warrior in the epic 1990 WWF Championship (and for not teaching his son to drive responsibly), he’s nevertheless a true American Gladiator. And whether you call him Thunderlips, The Super Destroyer or Mr. America, he’s surely all Paco Camino Man.

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Decadent Smut: Christina's Bliss, 1981

Chrisblissa A VOLUPTUOUS FROLIC THROUGH A LAND OF FORBIDDEN DESIRES Wild, tempestuous Christina van Bell is taken hostage by terrorists whose methods are carnal and relentless. How she contrives her escape is an edge-of-the-libido tale designed to entrall even the most jaded and sophisticated reader.

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Bob Beamon Walks on Air at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics

Beamon Without a doubt, the single greatest individual Olympic performance belongs to long jumper Bob Beamon. During the 1968 Mexico City Games, Beamon loped down a runway and leapt into immortality with an astounding jump of 29 feet, 2 1/2 inches to obliterate the world record by nearly two feet. No one else in the competition even inched closer to the old world record. Finally eclipsed in 1991, Beamon's amazing leap still stands as an Olympic record 44 years later.

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HelmetRothHe’s just a gigolo and everywhere he goes, people know the part he’s playing. But don’t be fooled by his casually aloof persona—as playboy lead singer of Van Halen, he’ll fuck your girlfriend, pal. And he’ll do it right on stage, in front of you, in a stadium filled with tens of thousands of breast-baring fans and jealous boyfriends cheering him on. Concoctor of ideas like pretending to skydive out of an airplane before a 1978 Pasadena show and perfecting a sophisticated groupie backstage pass system, the Paco Camino Man can phone up legendary photographer Helmut Newton hanging poolside at the Beverly Hills Hotel and convince him to take pictures of you chained to a dog pen behind your house. That day. And do it for free. This poster would be folded into millions of Van Halen Women And Children First LPs in 1980. Simply just because.

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Decadent Smut: Christina's Treasure, 1980

ChristinatreasureaWealthy, restless Christina van Bell could not resist the promise of excitement and adventure on a Caribbean treasure hunt. But there were those among the hunters who considered her golden body the most desirable treasure of all. From Athens to Alaska, from Cyprus to the Caribbean, the exotic heiress involves herself in a never-ending quest for passion and plunder.

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PCMunderwear His perfect package is comfortably nestled in an open front v-neck wide collared macrame unitard. I mean seriously, that tight fitting blue & purple fucker has chest-exposing fabric buttons, cap sleeves, and hugs his ass like a custom bucket seat made of soft Corinthian leather. Oh yeah, he’s pulling it off. However just then, as the Paco Camino Man confidently models this ball-cradling sweater thingy knitted by his oversexed aunt Peg, the psychoactive hallucinogens & hydroponic pot kicked in, and his naked lover slowly begins to peek through her arm to witness a sex fashion nightmare. But take a deep breath, it's the 70’s, and this kind of shit happens all the time. She’ll just put Marvin Gaye’s sexy-as-hell album, I Want You on the record player and he’ll be free of the crotched abomination before Marvin even sings a note.

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Burt Reynolds sings "Childhood 1949"

burt "Where was I, when childhood died? And manhood came, to take me..."

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