Friday, July 20, 2012


HelmetRothHe’s just a gigolo and everywhere he goes, people know the part he’s playing. But don’t be fooled by his casually aloof persona—as playboy lead singer of Van Halen, he’ll fuck your girlfriend, pal. And he’ll do it right on stage, in front of you, in a stadium filled with tens of thousands of breast-baring fans and jealous boyfriends cheering him on. Concoctor of ideas like pretending to skydive out of an airplane before a 1978 Pasadena show and perfecting a sophisticated groupie backstage pass system, the Paco Camino Man can phone up legendary photographer Helmut Newton hanging poolside at the Beverly Hills Hotel and convince him to take pictures of you chained to a dog pen behind your house. That day. And do it for free. This poster would be folded into millions of Van Halen Women And Children First LPs in 1980. Simply just because.

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