Sunday, April 11, 2010


SelleckPCMaBy land, air, or sea, he’s a famously mustachioed ex-Navy SEAL seeking the next thrill. When he can’t get enough excitement at the beach, he’ll strap on some water skis, grab onto a hang glider and have his Nam buddies Rick & T.C. fly him up behind a speeding dune buggy. Powerlessly intrigued by his All-American good looks and magnetizing persona, women just can’t take their eyes off him and can’t keep their hands off him either. With a lifetime of magnificent conquests ahead of him, the Paco Camino Man will soon trade his Jeep for a Ferrari to work as a private investigator living rent-free in Hawaii at Robin Masters’ estate. Sadly however, he’ll have to share the posh compound with a short, balding, long-winded, high-pants wearing Englishman and his two trained Dobermans Zeus and Apollo.

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