Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Decadent Smut: A Kiss For Christina, 1981

Ever restless, ever passionate, beautiful heiress Christina van Bell faces another crisis in her tempestuous life. More sensual than even she has ever imagined, her life becomes unexpectedly rife with carnal lusts and jealous intrigues as wild as any orgy she has ever attended.

Christina’s erotic yearnings find a new and unexpected outlet. With her usual abandon, she plunges into a web of dangerous daring and sensuous intrigue that only her unique combination of integrity and sexual generosity enables her to survive.

Passion is a flower. Passion is a fruit. But more important, passion is the kicking, driving, catalytic force that fuels and fires me, Christina van Bell.


Super V said...

I think I have her same affliction.

"An International Kiss for Super V, Anonymous, 2008"

adem said...

is these rare novels available online 4 download?