Thursday, March 27, 2008


As the lead singer for Black Sabbath, he does whatever he wants, with whomever he wants, pretty much like all the time (or until he marries a ball-busting, highly manipulative band manager). The original multitasker, the Paco Camino Man exalts in attending to his bathroom business with a fresh drink in one hand and a newly sparked joint in the other. With his trousers and borrowed groupie panties pulled down around his ankles, our blithering banshee boy shows off crudely drawn smiley face tattoos on his knees all the while cognizant that, well, everybody poops. He’s read the best-selling book and thinks he's seen the movie—it all comes naturally for a man who will one day pee on the Alamo and out-party Motley Crue. Oblivious to pesky bloodstains on the shag carpeting, the Paco Camino Man knows his exponential brain cell burning may one day land him a popular reality show.

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