Saturday, March 22, 2008

March Metal Moment #60: RIP: Bon Scott, 1946-1980

A couple of years ago, our dear friend Lady M paid a visit to the grave of legendary AC/DC singer Bon Scott. Upon entering Australia's Fremantle Cemetary, guests are given this overcopied flyer for directions to Scott's headstone. "Have a beer with Bon."

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Anonymous said...

Don Coleman, Canada's Premiere AC/DC Vocalist has recorded the song 'Women, Whiskey & Rock'n'Roll' to celebrate the life and spirit of Bon Scott. You can listen to the song by visiting the dedicated website at: (if not in blue just copy & paste into your browser).

The song has been airing daily on Australia's Rebel FM Network ( 40 stations in Queensland / NSW) plus has been airing weekly on PERTH 107.3 FM and Twin Cities 89.7 FM on specific shows (more coming on board everyday). The latter two stations are close to Fremantle, Western Australia where there was a concert to unveil a statue of Bon Scott. At this concert , one of the bands performing was the re-formed 'Party Boys'. Members of the band , Vince Lovegrove (former bandmate of Bon in 'The Valentines'), Aussie Legend - Kevin Borich and 'Angels' drummer Buzz Bidstrup, all think this song is a 'ripper' (Aussie slang for fantastic). Also on the list of great responses came from Susan Masino, published author of 'Let There Be Rock' ( a book on Bon & AC/DC) and President of the Bon Scott Fan Club, Doug Thorncroft who loved the song. Don, Susan and Doug were on WRUW 91.1 FM to do on air interviews, on a show that was dedicated to the memory of Bon Scott, and to launch the song in the USA. Last w/e, Don did other radio interviews when the song aired on Newcap FM Net station K-Rock 105.5, Charlottetown, PEI., Canadian Broadcasting Corp's 106.1 FM, Moncton, NB and 98.9 Big John FM , St. John, NB.

Don has been receiving offers from : England, Scotland, Germany, Italy, Scandinavia, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the USA , to front many bands and to do tours. One such offer came from the original frontman for AC/DC , Dave Evans who also performed in Fremantle at the concert.I received a request for the song from long time friend of Bon's and long time bassist of Ozzy Osbourne, Bob Daisley.

I'm also including a link to Don's performance clips of his AC/DC material from last summer - .