Tuesday, March 11, 2008

March Metal Moment #13: Judas Priest, 1980

Video director: Right then, here’s what I’m thinking. Rob—you’re being driven in a huge convertible caddy and you jump out in front of a bank. The rest of you Priest blokes follow him inside to rob it. You’ll hold everyone hostage.

Judas Priest Drummer Dave Holland: Um, how are we holding them hostage?

Video Director: Well of course, you’ll be overwhelming them with your unplugged instruments lip-synching the song “Breaking the Law.” Later you’ll all be driving in the convertible with the top down, pretending to play your instruments and singing the song into a stiff wind. Later we'll edit in a retarded video security guard playing a cardboard guitar. Guys, it'll be freaking fantastic.

Judas Priest Drummer Dave Holland: Will my drums fit in the car?

Video Director: Bloody Christ, No! You’ll just pat the top of the front seat and try to stay out of the shot as much as possible.

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