Friday, March 30, 2007

25 Polka Greats! K-Tel Records 1971

You mean I get "Too Fat Polka," Hoop-Dee-Doo" and "Who Stole the Kishka" in the same collection? That's freakin' awesome!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The following handwritten letter was recently found crumpled in a ball on the marble steps of McKinley Hall:

Dear Lisa,

Exclamation points are like totally back in style! Hey, if you can’t find your glasses it’s because I couldn’t find my glasses (uh, because I wasn’t wearing my glasses), so when I found your glasses I sat on them. Oops!! See the first exclamation point emphasizes my sincere regret while the second exclamation point is just simply in vogue! Since I’m completely blind and can’t see squat, I’m willing to bet my gambling problem wagering on underwater race sharks at night might not go as swimmingly as I fathomed. Hey my friend Maria turned me onto this new extra spicy salsa douche that’s muy caliente!! I know Diego Tostitos sure digs it!!

Been dropping down The Bombas and the Ploppas new album Toilet Humor,


Song of the Day:

"Goodbye Just in Case" From The North!!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

$ I predict a future product $

i can't wait to install this in my new cave grotto behind my woodshed!

Today's guitarists just don't know how to fucking accessorize anymore...and no it's not a purse, Joey.

AC/DC "Sin City" Live on the Midnight Special 1978

Our friend Monica visited Bon Scott's gravesite in Australia and sent us this cool picture. The Heineken cap and wilted flowers were already placed there.

Monday, March 19, 2007

© 2004-2006 WHIT WAGNER

My first serious photographic pursuit was an attempt to document the massive (and empty) Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. What followed was a three year quest to gain access to the property culminating in a trip through the hotel's interior on the "Final Public Tour" in March 2005.

In the interim, the grounds were photographed from various off-property locations and the resort's transformation from forgotten to demoliton-ready in the span of two years is fully documented.

The result of this journey are the images on this site and my book, Late Check-Out. Culled from hundreds of photographs, they cover every accessible inch of the fourteen-acre property...inside and out. Now completely demolished, the Ambassador Hotel lives on only in collections like this. I hope you enjoy viewing the images as much as I enjoyed taking them. WHIT WAGNER

Monday, March 12, 2007

Don "No Soul" Simmons
P.O. Box 15384
Newark, N.J. 07101

The following handwritten letter was found folded on the marble steps of McKinley Hall:

Dear Lisa,

Lousy Smarch! I’ve just learned my May-December fling with that undergraduate named Junior Freshman (who’s in his Senior year at the Sophomore Academy) is headed for a spring commencement. Damn girl, these stretch gore-tex control top pantyhose make my ankles swell up like balloons when I fart, and after winning that five alarm chili-eating contest, I keep tripping and falling down when I pass gas stations. One Al-Qaeda quickie-mart thought I was trying to detonate a dirty bomb when I was cutting moves listening to Christina Aguilera on my iPod while picking out extra spicy corn chips. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that you’re right---a Cleveland Steamer ain’t no dry cleaner in Ohio.

See you down at the pillow stuffing class,


Song of the Day:

“Gut Bucket” James Brown

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Sac Free Underwear!

sacfree® makes your sac free!
In former times there were boxershorts or slips.
Today there is sacfree®, the first boxerslip of the world.
sacfree® will bring you a great feeling of liberty.

Briefly: A new dimension of comfort and liberty for your balls. And... sacfree® is sexy.

Dudes from all over the world are raving about Sac Free. Here’s some swelling testiclemonials…

Finally, there’s underwear that let’s my balls hang out…” Rod Johnson, Albuquerque, NM

I never thought my balls could hang so low!” T. Bag, Hackensack, NJ

My balls were literally in a sling! Thanks Sac Free!” Nard Von Testiclees, East Germany

Hey ma! My balls are hangin’ out!” Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel

Take a peek at SAC FREE

The reason the internet was invented #53

Thursday, March 01, 2007

The following handwritten letter was recently discovered on the steps of McKinley Hall:

Dear Lisa,

Did you know that mac and cheese without the cheese is pretty much just macaroni? Just goes to show you that without roadmaps or driving compasses we’d really be lost. When someone gives you eggs, you either gotta make a succulent egg salad or take them back to the lab to perform comprehensive scientific studies determining the raw buoyancy of invertebrate water foul vs. incubated housed land mammals. That reminds me---it’s cool to wear pristine white pants to the La Brea Mud Museum before Arbor Day right? Hey I used your Tara Lipinski curling iron to straighten my downstairs lady forest for wookie week at the Star Wars symposium at the newly repaired Ogdensburg Dome Center on Route #32 Wednesday. Parking was free!!

I’m come the realization that my inconclusion class is uncertain,


Song of the Day:

“Love Child” From The North 2007