Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The following handwritten letter was discovered this evening crumpled up on the windswept grounds of McKinley Hall:

Dear Lisa,

I had a big problem doing laundry after eating a greasy, but delicious family bucket of KFC. Who knew it’s a bad idea to replace fabric softener with a powerful stool softener? Real shame too because when I decided to wash your favorite goose down comforter I apparently mixed up the directions. On the bright side, my colon is doing just fantastic. And wouldn’t you know it, but when I washed your sheets the same thing happened again. Sorry. Gotta say my ass feels so great, that when I walk it feels like I’m totally sitting on a couch. Did I mention I’ve got a good read on catching some hot black market Tom Brady sperm? I’m freezing those puppies until I’m ready for my patriot act.

I’m also redecorating my vag with shorter meat curtains,


Song of the Day:

Pittsburgh Slim, “Girls Kiss Girls”

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