Friday, January 02, 2009

The greatest NFL game ever played

On January 2, 1982, the San Diego Chargers defeated the Miami Dolphins 41-38 in a wild divisional playoff game forever remembered for Miami's diabolical give & go play just before halftime and Kellen Winslow's hall of fame performance. Until the Chargers win a Super Bowl, this legendary overtime victory is perhaps the next best thing.


Biff Carmichael said...

The chargers are always remembered for winning the greatest game ever played, and for Winslow's performance, but they should be remembered for giving up the 24 point lead and coming a blocked field goal away from losing the fucking game.

Steve McAfee said...

I remember this game! Watching it now a few things came to mind.
1) Notice how UNCLUTTERED the screen is without crawls and logos and animated ads in the corners.
2) The promo before the clip features the phrase "Unstoppable Cincinnati Bengals" ha ha
3) White shoes! Awesome.
4) I'm old.

Feo Mateo said...

Oh Biff, so bitter after all these years.The Dolphins have won a SB and even had a perfect season. It's time to let the Chargers have this game. And screw Strock, Miami should've left Woodley in.