Saturday, October 18, 2008


The Paco Camino Man hates to wait for a date. Sure, she’s a complete and total fox that he’ll bed later tonight with enough animalistic abandon to potentially ruin her for the rest of her life, but for now he’s concerned about the agonizing manner of which she's getting ready for the big rock show. Luckily he’s wearing a cool, moisture-wicking Dacron turtleneck under a wrinkle-free acrylic & wool blend casual sport coat with matching ultra comfortable relax-fit pants, otherwise he might be sweating it. Of course there’s no need to fret, as the limo driver waiting outside is already paid for by all the members of Aerosmith (who owe him their big break after he discovered them playing a dive bar on a rainy Boston night some years ago). The Paco Camino Man. He likes his rock stars fucked up on coke and his women totally fine and on time.

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