Sunday, July 17, 2011


He’s fucking nailing the entrance to his 25th high school reunion. One thing's damn certain---he’s aged amazingly well. And his stunning wife looks exactly as she did when they first met as teen extras during the filming of Valley Girl. But back to tonight. Arriving in style, the Paco Camino Man is impeccably dressed in a raw silk dinner jacket and a cooling cotton, wing-collared formal shirt with killer front pin tucks. She’s wearing 'Glamorous Life,' a sexy, low-cut, gold lamé dress from the funky Sheila E. Collection. Almost like a movie, he’s a lock to win the Tom Cruise look-alike contest and no longer needs to borrow girls underpants to fake-prove he scored with some fully aged sophomore meat. Ever the romantic stud, the Paco Camino Man earlier today sax-serenaded his wife on the hood of his black 1967 restored Camaro parked at home plate at Dodger Stadium, and later tonight, the sexy couple will stop by Spicoli’s mansion for a smoke. In the morning, they'll all head on over to London to jam with The Stones!

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