Sunday, May 09, 2010


He’s an opportunist. Despite looking like a greasy dork in his concession stand duds, when this horny surfer has the chance to check out a hot chick, he totally goes for it. Straight out of a scene from a raunchy T&A matinee classic, the Paco Camino Man knows that if Debbie leans back any further, he may see some hair pie. Of course, his boss will totally bitch him out for being a perv, but it’ll all be worth it. Ah, Debbie in her scarlet letter cheerleader uniform. Sure she’s got her eyes on the entire football team, but if Brad here plays his cards right, a milkshake on the house might equal one in his pants come halftime.


Anonymous said...

you should always give credit to blogs you steal images from

Feo Mateo said...

Apologies if this originally came from Swimsuit Issue (nice site btw). I've had a countless number of Paco Camino images appear on dozens of sites without credit. I'm well aware how frustrating it is.