Monday, March 15, 2010


PacoJawsaWhile he doesn’t have a lot to say, he’s got jaws and balls of steel. And he can’t be killed either. Seriously, dump cars on top of him. Throw him off moving trains. Bury him in ancient Egyptian ruins. Doesn’t matter, he’ll just get up, straighten his tie and dust himself off. Now this unstoppable seven-foot giant might have provided muscle for supervillians Karl Stromberg and Hugo Drax, he’s really a gentle lover with a heart of gold. What people don’t know about this impossibly endowed henchman is that he rehabilitates and releases endangered butterflies back into the wild, gives riveting symposiums on the under-funding of children’s hospitals, and usually watches chick flicks with his 007 girlfriends on Saturday nights. On a related note, he's going broke paying for breakfast and cab fares.

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Jaws rules