Sunday, July 25, 2010

Come see Paco Camino's new digs!

After three years of posting tons of obscure retro crap and general nonsense stupid shit, Paco Camino is stretching it's legs with the addition of a real website. I'd like to personally thank every loyal Paco Camino follower and anyone that's ever stumbled onto us looking for pop culture relics, but finding idiotic 'Dear Lisa' letters and ridiculous CD Bullshit or Not! quizzes. Don't worry, we'll leave the light on here, but the real party will be over at



Anonymous said...

i like your old blog better,

Retro-ambient here.

Feo Mateo said...

I know, me too. This'll get straightened out soon.

Tom said...

The new blog is way too modern, indeed. But it's nice though, looks a bit like the French GQ website.
From now, I'll follow the new website then :D