Monday, August 31, 2009

The following handwritten letter was found this morning on the unseasonably cool marble steps of McKinley Hall:

Dear Lisa,

It just dawned on me that it’s getting darker earlier. Maybe it’s because the sun is setting faster. You know, like that old Elton John song “Don’t Let Your Son Go Down On Me.” Also, I’ve been meaning to ask if you have another copy of that peanut butter & jelly sandwich recipe. I seem to be missing a key ingredient ‘cause when I try to eat two large scoops of peanut butter & jelly cupped in my hands, the sticky mess just smears all over my face. Wait a second--it’s bread, isn’t it? Damn I was actually thinking about a yeast-based, two-sectioned flat barrier that could contain both the peanut butter & the jelly in a sandwich-like capacity.

Strange too, since I’m half of a trio of short order cooks working at the Trapezoid deli,


Song of the Day:

James Pants, "Ka$h (Peanut Butter Wolf Remix)"

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