Tuesday, October 30, 2012


He’s your boogeyman, turn him on. Hey, he may not have any social skills, but he’s a real cutup with the ladies. Sadly, there may be some deep-seeded stalking issues from stabbing his sister to death on Halloween night in her bedroom 15 years ago. Confined to a sanitarium since the incident, he’s decided to come home for Halloween. So really, is it his fault he stole a car and broke into a hardware store to steal a Shatner mask and some sharp knives? People need those things. His only other faux pas was maybe knifing a few horny teenagers and digging up his sister’s headstone from the cemetery and placing it on a bed with the corpse of a teenage slut. The Paco Camino Man. He can survive any injury, endure terrible film sequel, and put up with imitators like Camp Crystal Lake’s Jason Voorhees and that bum Freddy Krueger from down on Elm Street.

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