Friday, March 16, 2012


Martin1“Mind if I smoke?” Mind if I fart? An inaugural member of Saturday Night Live’s exclusive “Five-Timers Club,” he’s a wild and crazy guy at heart that just wants to hold onto some big American breasts. Born a poor black child in Mississippi, this jerk with a special purpose would one day become the rags to riches to rags inventor of the Opti-Grab, but not before establishing himself as an outspoken critic of illegal cat juggling in Mexico. Also responsible for making ancient Egyptian archeology sexy again with a silly song about a famous funky pharaoh, he’s walked in some cruel shoes and kicked getting small. All this Paco Camino Man really wishes now is that all the children of the world, would join hands, and sing together in the spirit of harmony and peace. And 30 million dollars a month. Tax free, in a Swiss bank account.

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Mrs. D said...

The guy in this video does!