Thursday, July 03, 2008

Corinne Alphen: Where is she now?

Once Penthouse Pet and actress, she's now certified in advanced tarot card reading.

Buried under an avalanche of cheap ‘Girls Gone Wild’ videos, few may remember this 1983 T&A film classic simply called Spring Break. It's not available on DVD, but it may still lurk on the dusty VHS shelves of your local mom & pop video store if you’re intrigued. In this boneriffic scene, 1982 Penthouse Pet of the Year, Corinne Alphen struts and pumps as lead singer of the obscure Ft. Lauderdale band Hot Date. A spiked dog collar, black thigh-high boots and tight pink spandex housing glorious natural flesh have never looked so great together.

UPDATE: Spring Break is finally on DVD! Not much for extras, but at least it's widescreen.


Kristian Peterson said...

I know exactly where she is. In fact I've slept at her house many times. And she still looks great and is the nicest woman.

Kristian Peterson said...

P.S. I'm friends with her son

Jamie Boyd said...

Corinne is the most natural beautiful woman to walk this earth. Im 43 years old and have had a crush on her since Spring Break. Thats 32 years lol