Monday, November 09, 2009


DamagedPacoManaOne good look by the Paco Camino Man and he knows she’s damaged. Big time. Her shy demeanor and devil may care, long cable-knit sweater don't fool him for a sec—he’ll easily convince her they must both be crazy for wandering away from an exclusive house party in the Hamptons and squatting next to a grungy frog pond wearing white pants. Thankfully he had an extra stiff vodka & tonic to offer her as well as this sound advice, “No matter who this guy is, just remember someone better, like me, will come along to sweep you off your feet, have mad sex with you and proceed to never call again, because I’ll be too busy having mad sex with other women just like you. You know, needy and vulnerable.” The Paco Camino Man—damn it feels good to help.

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