Thursday, February 07, 2008

Decadent Smut: Christina's World, 1980

Beautiful heiress Christina van Bell embarks on an erotic search for the world's supreme sex object. From the lush beauty of Tahiti to the steaming splendor of Bogota, from the slinky hideaways of Paris to the busy boudoirs of Peking, Christina is relentless in her craving to experience each candidate before making the most intimate--and possibly the most orgasmic--decision of her life.

Magazine owner Christina van Bell adds a new feature to her glamorous publication as she launches a very personal search. Her qualification in this quest is an uninhibited understanding of life and the human libido. And her goal--to find that person who would challenge her supremely wanton worldliness. Relentlessly eager in her pursuit, she permeates the public facades of famous persons and probes their deepest desires and most lascivious longings, until ultimately she reaches the most terrifying, untouched core of human passion.

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