Thursday, February 08, 2007


What happens when you mix the sassy vocals of a fourteen year-old girl from Paramus New Jersey with an Irish sheepherding fiddler, a telekinetic bassist and a crime-fighting drummer that used to play in a Hall & Oates cover band?

They're called Hot Poop-- and make no mistake-- they play hardcore funk with a sloping-forehead metal crunch, but Poop also drops in the mellow schmaltz of Enya and Yanni and flushes it all around. Wait, I'm starting wonder if I've got my facts straight here. Hmm, maybe I should've googled them before posting this.

Well, then would you believe that Matisyahu is actually Jimmy Fallon in disguise? Ever seen them together? I swear I saw Tony Clifton the other day on The View.

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